Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hunt for the Perfect Pair

The hunt for the perfect jeans - every woman's adventure into retail land for the "perfect"pair and at the same time, every woman's nightmare! Now, I am a fairly small woman. Some call me petite, some small, some just short. I am sure, just like being somebody on the other end of the spectrum who is extremely tall, it is super hard to find great fitting jeans. I have been fortunate enough to find three pairs this last week. I wish I could buy them by the truckload, because I would. The first one is a brand (I am of course forgetting the name now, and I can't check because they are being altered) that I purchased at Ross. Not a place that I would normally shop for jeans, because it is usually a picked over mess, and I get too frustrated. I had a Christmas exchange to make and so I thought I would give it a look see. I took 6 pairs in the fitting room with me. One was Levi, the other Guess (which I haven't worn since junior high days - nor could I afford unless they were at Ross), the other Jordache (my thighs have always hated them), Duplex (cute, but a lot of stretch), and two pairs of the "forgot the name" brand. Of course I have to hold them up and just try to eye them to know what size I wear. At this point, I weigh about 118 pounds and can fit in anything starting at a size 0 all the way up to an 10. Ridiculous!!!! I really don't know who they use to make these things off of, but I really wish they had more consistency. Of course I love the fact that I can fit in the 0 that I own, but realisticlly lets just call it what it really is.... a mismarked 6-8. Ok. So the fitting room is not too bad today. I have the Scout perilously perched on the six inch deep bench that they give you, and not enough hooks to hang six articles of clothing plus the items that you are wearing, but, whatever. Suprisingly, all of the jeans fit in one way or the other. I must be watching "What Not to Wear" too much because I look at the Guess jeans, and although they were comfortable and seemed at first to fit well, they bunched up when I moved, right under the butt. Not so attractive. Had I not watched the show, I might not have known to look for that. Thanks Stacy and Clinton. The Jordaches still do not like my thighs, but I managed to squeeze in them and then peel them back off my person. The "forgot the name" jeans fit fantastic. One was one size to big, but the other soooo great. Long, but I'm used to it and have my alterations place on speed dial. The best part of the whole excursion was the jeans were only 12.99. I went back to look for one more only to be disappointed to find none. That's Ross for you. So tonight after I dropped off the Peanut at Daisy's and had an hour to kill, I ran over to Old Navy. They have their new line of jeans out offering mid-rise and classic rise. Yes, they even have low rise for all of you wild women out there. They also offer them in short, regular and long. I will take short please. Now mind you, the jeans I currently have on are Mossimo from Target. A long time favorite jean brand of mine, but the problem is, is that they are low rise. So while I am bending over at Old Navy trying to find my correct size on the ultra-low shelf they have them on, I realize that I am sporting half a butt crack, and I am right in front of the giant window at night giving everyone a rather not- so -flattering look see. That's the problem with low rise. I really don't know who they are built for, but they cause muffin-top (you know what I am talking about) on everyone. When I weighed 106 pounds I had muffin top. The girl down the street who couldn't get any skinnier has muffin top, my five year old who is a healthy looking kid has muffin top all due to crappy cut jeans! I am a Mom of two little girls and although I abhor "mommy jeans," I just really want something that looks nice and not like I am trying to be 18 again, because I am 31 for god sakes. You gotta love how the style of low rise became so popular with the ever so famous thong underwear that you pull up enough so you can see it above the jeans. Nasty! I can't believe somebody's mother would let them out of the house wearing that! O.k., I'm beginning to sound like my mother so I digress. So Thank You Old Navy for your excellent decision to make a mid-rise jean and classic rise jean for women who are not built like they are a ten year old boy, but who are curvy and have a little extra padding in the caboose. I think I can speak for most women out there when I say "It's About Time!"

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