Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bikinis at Target

So I am out today attempting to do my hundreds of returns at various stores before the big storm roles in. I end up at one of my all time favorite places to shop "Tar Shay!" My Dad has nicely accompanied me on my wirlwind trip of returns and is helping entertain the Scout while she is happily munching on a box of Barnums Animal Crackers that I always locate immediately when walking into Target and Walmart. Thanks guys for thinking of us Mom's! So I am happily purusing the sale racks and am heading for the checkout which is located adjacent from the juniors section. As I am walking by it suddenly dawns on me that over half of juniors section is covered with bikinis. Yes, I said bikinis. Yes, if you look at the date of this posting it is January 2. I nudge my Dad, "Check it out" I say. He looks over and it takes him a second before it registers. "Oh my gosh, its January!" It seems like the stores are putting out the seasonal stuff earlier and earlier each year but seriously bikinis in January. We discussed this in length on the way home. I always have very philisophical discussions while driving with my Dad. We came to the conclusion that the bikinis were put out as incentive to shed those winter pounds. So many cookies and not enough treadmill (as in my case). I will always love Target but this bikini business is insane. They should at least wait till after the Easter Bunny!

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