Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some Good, Sound Advice from One Crafter to Another

Every morning I check out all the blogs I read to see if anybody posted anything new. This morning I really enjoyed reading a blog that I was just introduced to. It's called http://www.bitterbettyindustries.blogspot.com/. For all of us crafters out there who are in the process of organizing their spaces to become more effective at their crafts business, this is a great read. I realized just how much stuff I have accumulated over the years and how I desperately need to use what I have before I go out and buy more. This article inspired me. My new mission is to try to produce as many items for Pink Petunia Designs that I can, with only the materials that I have handy. It will be a challenge. I have discussed my obsession with Michaels Craft Store in previous posts. I will let you know my progress.

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Melissa Haworth said...

This is my goal too--use the stash, not the store. I'm doing....okay at it. Couldn't resist some fabric at a store in portland and just found out ikea has some new fabrics. Dang!