Monday, January 7, 2008

Math Girls Rock!

I hated math when I was in school. Mainly, it was due to the fact that I just wasn't good at it or I didn't think I was good at it. The boys in my classes always seemed to be the ones that were getting the higher grades in math and science, where I was more the English type.

My oldest, the Peanut, is in kindergarten. She can add and subtract and read a few fractions. She understands how money works and can count surprisingly high for her age. Is she a genius? Of course I would like to think so, but more than likely not. She is really just your average happy go lucky kindergartner who likes to play with her toys and her sister (sometimes) and paint with her paints. Sometimes I wonder if she got more of my hubby's genes when it came to having a "math" brain, but she is equally interested in English and Art. I really believe that nowadays kids (girls in particular) are being shown that math is cool again. They don't seem to be intimidated by it the way I was when I was growing up.

Today she looked at me while we were working on a packet that the teacher sent home that had to do with "equal values." She pops her head up and says, "Mom, did you know that everything that we do has to do with math?" I asked her if her teacher had told her that. She said, "No, but you know everything does use math." I kinda laughed to myself thinking how amazingly brilliant that that comment was, and if I had just looked at math from that point of view when I was younger, maybe I would have enjoyed it a little bit more.

I recently watched a clip of Danica McKellar, the girl who played Winnie on the ever popular show The Wonder Years. Think back, I know you watched it. She is paving the way for young women to try to appreciate math again and have the confidence to do so. The clip is really interesting and great for all parents out there especially ones with school age girls. She has a book out called, "Math Doesn't Suck." A read that I will definitely invest in. Hope you enjoy the clip.

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