Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Craftiness of the New Year Begins and a few other things

I haven't crafted at all since the New Year began (until today). I just have been in the midst of reorganizing my office/craft room (maybe one of these days I will get really fancy and call it a studio) and I am soooooo slow at it. Pick one thing up, put it down, pick another thing up move it here. I am great with others people's stuff, just not my own. So I took a break last night from organizing and stripped my Christmas tree bare. I was so sad to take it down because it was so pretty, but I hadn't watered it in a week and it was beginning to lean like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (is that how you spell that?). I wanted to share some of the new ornaments and other handmade goods that I purchased from my Sacramento Craft Mafia sisters. Three items I did not have photographs of, because I didn't think about it until after I gifted them how nice it would have been to include them in my blog. Here they are. They went over with a bang. I purchased the first three at our Get Made Holiday show. See what you missed out on.

I purchased a wine bottle melted down into a nut or candy bowl. This was so awesome. Made by mafia sister and high school friend Sondra Cameron of Shirts for Shortys. This was such a cool gift. I gave it to my Aunt Susie who loved it and also happened by chance to be her favorite wine.

I also purchased a darling bowling pin shaped doll from Lauren of Speckled Hen for my Mom. It is so cute with all of its different fabrics and embroidered face, it is truly unique. She has it proudly displayed on her denim couch and it looks great.

I also purchased a limited edition embroidered face ornament from Claire of Little Lovlies Handmade for my Mom. It has a great vintage looking fabric on the back and darling face on the front. She even offered to make ones that matched the color of my girls hair! This is also proudly displayed on my Mom and Dad's Christmas tree. Sooooo cute.

The other two items I have pictures of, because I bought them for my girls. The first, is two resin Snow White ornaments. So cute and so whimsical, straight out of the old Golden Books that still set on my shelf today. Santa slipped these into the stockings and they were a hit. I want to give my girls their ornaments when they move out one of these days, but I will have a hard time parting with these. These were purchased from another mafia sister Antoinette of Creatress Designs.

The last item that I purchased were two little dolls also from "Santa" created by Missy Balance of Mohair Circus. These dolls are so cute. They look like little Christmas pixies. The minute I saw them on her blog, I was counting the days till she put them in her etsy shop. The girls loved them and the Peanut is actually sleeping with hers tonight.

You can check out all of the other wonderful Sacramento Craft Mafia girls at: There are so many wonderful artists and craftsters in the Craft Mafia. I can't wait to purchase something from each of them!

Another favorite ornament that I was privileged to open this year came from my Aunt Judy and Uncle Rod. She had wrapped up three Bi-centennial themed ornaments that she had on her tree from 1976 the year I was born and gave them to me. I was so tickled I almost cried. My Mom and Dad have the same collection on their tree but they have different characters. So now between my Mom and I, we have the whole set. Thanks Aunt Judith & Uncle Roddy!

You say, but where is the craftiness? I thought you mentioned craftiness in the title? I sure did.... Last but definitely not least I am officially an Aunt! My new niece was born just before the New Year and is extremely premature at only 30 weeks of gestation and 2lbs. 10oz. A little squirt. She is in hospital for the next six weeks growing away in her little heated submarine bed and her Mommy asked if I wouldn't mind making a little sign with all of her vital statistics on it. I said, "Of course! It's part of my Auntly duties!" So here is what I came up with for the sign. I got to bust out my glitter and new Martha Stewart glue pens from Michaels (love them)! I had posted earlier on that I am a horrible photographer, but I found some new buttons on my camera that I never new I had. So this time they came out a little bit better. Tell me what you think.

So that's all the craftiness I had in store for today. One more day of organizing before going back to the grindstone on Monday. I am hoping to have it all done by then. You may even get a picture from me. Stay tuned........


Peptogirl said...

I have been organizing my craft supplies too. It is a LONG process, isn't it? That's so sweet that you wrote about the mafia girls. Those dolls Missy made were too cute! Hope to see you tomorrow night at the meeting! Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Baby's card. She loved it from her aunt Deb. All the nurses actually got to know her by name, and it sure beats having to answer the same questions to the other moms all the time. They could just read all the info. We really appreciated it, she loves her auntie!! Love, your sister-in-law