Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Break Out the Bubbly

Hey All, Happy New Year!

It has been many moons since I blogged last. I missed the whole Christmas holiday completely. Although it was a blast and much paper was torn, the kids were both sick with horrible colds. Oh well, what do you do? Santa came and brought scooters and a rockin dollhouse. On to New Years...dullsville. I sit on the couch watching On Demand with two sleepin kiddos and a husband that's working late. I flip through the free movies because I feeling the effects of the holiday and a New Year's resolution to try to be more thrifty. I turn on TCM or Turner Classic Movies and find a fantastic movie called "Holiday Affair." It stars Robert Mitchum a rather hunky young chap and Janet Leigh a rather Nancy Drewish pretty girl. The movie was fantastic. I have been really hooked on the TCM network and also caught another great flick called "Christmas in Connecticut starring Barbara Stanwyk and Dennis Morgan another mid-century hunk. These movies were fantastic and highly recommended while you can watch them free On Demand.

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