Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kiddo Cuteness

Kids say the cutest things. Today the Peanut asked me a typical five year old question, she asked, "Mom, how do you make water? What's the ingredients?" (Mind you, she is an avid watcher of Rachel Ray and very interested in the whole cooking concept. I told her it was hydrogen and oxygen. She said, "Oh, I thought you made water with salt and vinegar." She laughed. She asked, "How many hydrogens and how many oxygens." I said, "Two hydrogens and one oxygen." " Oh, o.k.," she says, "you take two hydrogens and one oxygen and stir until they turn clear and that's how you make water!" Too cute, or maybe its just because I gave birth to her that I think its so cute.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Stamp Art Shoppe, Roseville, CA

As you all know I love to craft. I love all the crafts but have always been particularly drawn to papercrafts and stamps. I actually worked in a stamp store in Folsom during college. I sure loved that discount! Today I went to one of my favorite places to shop called The Stamp Art Shoppe in Roseville. The Stamp Art Shoppe offers a wide variety of wonderful rubber stamps, inks, papers and accesories for all of your crafty needs. They also have a huge selection of hard to find Asian themed rubber stamps. Today I just went in for two pieces of cardstock to finish my topiary project and of course ended up with some darling Christmas stamps that were 25% off today as well as Tim Holtz acid free Distress Ink. I have always wanted to try out these inks and it looks perfect for antiquing just about any project. The ladies at The Stamp Art Shoppe told me some great things about the Distress Inks and directed me to which has a really great blog that I will now subscribe to as well as some fun ideas for the holidays. When I come in to shop, they always have fantastic customer service and great ideas. The Stamp Art Shoppe also feature regular classes. I have been lucky enough to take a class there where I learned how to make hot glue into beautiful art necklaces. The class was loads of fun and I can't wait to take another. They display examples of the classes that they offer and they have one that I oggled over called Collage Masterpiece. So cool! So if you are in Roseville and want to take a gander, The Stamp Art Shoppe is located at 1000 Sunrise Avenue, Suite 3B, Roseville, CA 95661. Their website with a list of classes and events is:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Crafts

I havent' had a chance to do many crafties this year. I am making a few Christmas tree topiarys and some round topiarys for a few family members. I will follow-up with a tutorial in a few days when I get one finished. I did finish all of my shopping and wrapping. YaY!!! A few months back I ordered a cd that had old vintage Christmas cards by the hundreds. Strange you say? Yes, but I have been using to make cute Christmas tags and cards. My Mom had picked me up a few hundred tags at Office Depot in the dollar bin. You know the type with the hole at the top. So I have been inking them up and adding the old vintage Christmas scenes to the front. Last but not least, a twine tie and stamped letters for whoever the gift is going to. Very easy and super cute. Here is a pic for you. The other thing that I have been busy making are coffee cozies. I love having my cardboard cozy when I go to Starbucks to protect from the intense heat of my yummy latte, but always feel bad getting a new one every time I go. So I made up some cute felt cozies to adorn your frothy goodness.

O' Christmas Tree....

So I haven't blogged in a few days and I have had so much to blog about that I will probably have to backdate some of these. We finally got our tree last weekend. I am extremely late this year. I usually like to have it up the day after Thanksgiving, but it just didn't happen. My Mom got the crazy idea that I should put the Christmas tree on the smallest wall in the smallest corner of our living room. We have a small living room so I usually have to make some major furniture arrangements in order to accomodate the tree. I also really wanted to get a taller tree this year. We have vaulted ceilings on one side of our living room and this would be the perfect location if we can find one that is skinny enough to walk around and still be able to make it into the kitchen. So off to Snowy Peaks in Forresthill, CA to pick out our tree. The husband loves to go and chop one down rather than buying one off a lot. Personally, I would love to have the ever popular faux tree that are so hot right now. That way I wouldn't have to mess around with watering and the major drooping due to my love for hundreds of heavy ornaments. Alas, we must sacrafice a real tree for the love of tradition. It is fun, going out there with the girls and hunting around for the "right" one. This year I found one about two seconds after I stepped on the soil. It was perfect with one whole side missing, just right to fit into the corner. The husband rolled his eyes. "We drove all the way up here, we have to look around a while." I looked around making sure I had a marker of where the "perfect" tree was, and luckily, there was a great big mammoth tree there to mark the spot. I kept looking back as we walked on wishing that I had brought bread crumbs or at least the girls graham cracker snacks to mark the trail. In the end, we went back to that same tree because it was "perfect" for our house. I also got the idea to put the tree in a wine barrel. I just thought it would look cool. Two days after I got the idea they had an article in Better Homes and Gardens with a tree in a barrel of sorts. It looked so fantastic. The husband went to Lowe's where we had previously seen a barrel in the garden department, but no such luck. Then he traveled to Home Depot and no such luck. I told him to hop on Craigslist and see if anyone was selling them. We found a winery up in Camino who had whole barrels for $20.00 a piece. Yay!!! The husband and the Scout jumped in the truck the following Monday and headed up there. He came home with six, yes I said six, full wine barrels. He said that he got some strange looks driving down the freeway with them. He cut one in half and we ended up turning it over and setting the tree on top of it. It looks so great. We are using some of the other barrels as planters and some we are giving to family. The back porch smells like a wine cellar. On to the decorating.. I had much help from Scout and Peanut with the tree. Most of the ornaments ended up right along the bottom, but they were a huge help and the tree looks great. My parents had been to IKEA Christmas shopping and brought me back the most beautiful box of red glass ornaments. They really added that extra shine to the tree and only $4.99. Gotta love the bargains! I added a pic of the tree without the flash. Trying to capture the ambiance of the lights. I really need to take a basic photography class or read the instructions to my camera because everything I take always comes out blurry.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Method Tub & Tile Cleaner

I read quite a few blogs, mostly crafty ones, some mommy ones and some of just general fun. A lot of the blogs I read have very interesting topics. I love to learn about things that other people are into, so I thought I would try a couple of new things with my blog. It is the first of December and so a perfect day to start with some new stuff. I thought I would include a "products that I love" posting,
"books that I love" both adult and children's posting,
"places that I love" posting,
and "small business shout-outs."
Hopefully I can give everyone a heads up on some cool things to try out and maybe a little bit of free advertisement for these super cool businesses out there. So first things first....the product that I heart this month is Method tub and tile cleaner. This stuff is sooo cool. It not only removes all that yucky soap scum from your bathtub or shower, it also has a super yummy eucalyptus & mint scent. It makes the bathroom smell fantastic. I just found out about the Method line from watching Oprah where they were featuring small business that grew into multi-million dollar companies. The mommy that invented Method had a son that had really horrific asthma. They soon found out that his asthma was being triggered by everyday household cleaning products. She decided to try natural, chemical free ingredients to clean with and Method was the result. The product is non-toxic & biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals. Our little Scout has really horrible asthma brought on by several different culprits and one of them is strong scents so I am always looking out for products that either are scent-free or have light scent that she can tolerate. The scent-free products are really hard to find, but Method makes several scent-free cleaning products including wipes and sprays. How cool is that! The best part is that they are sold at Target, our mainstay as far as shopping goes. The products are priced very low. The picture that I am displaying is a 28 fl oz bottle and it cost me approximately $3.00. You can check out their other awesome products at

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here Comes Santa Clause

I almost forgot to blog about the Santa Parade that we went to on Saturday. It was so much fun. My husband saw it advertised in the Bee. Sounds fun and inexpensive so why not check it out. That morning we accidentaly overslept till about 8:30 since we were up the night before with one restless two year old (we won't mention any names, Scout). We had to leave at 9:00 in order to get a decent seat where we could see. So obviously no showers, no baths and a shotty breakfast we finally made it out the door. The parade was cool. So many organizations and businesses that I never knew exisisted. The girls particularly enjoyed all the candy being thrown at them. Little one can't eat it but she loves the fact that all the kids run out in the street to snatch it up. Scout kept walking out a few feet in the street to see what was coming next. I have included several pictures. My favorite thing at the parade was the Shriner's in their go-carts. Those things can really haul. I get a kick out of the guys with their little box hats and pointy shoes. They live for this stuff. I don't have very clear pictures because I'm not very skilled at such things, but you can check it out. Then finally Santa arrived. He even brought Mrs. Santa to the event. Peanut asked if that was another helper or the "real one." I told her of course it was the "real one." He flies down for these things. Then there was questions about the sleigh and why the reindeer weren't pulling the sleigh. I told her they hibernate until Christmas Eve!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


So Thanksgiving was great! I love food and love to eat. I am actually kinda glad it is done. I have managed to pack away an entire pumpkin pie that my Grandma had left for "everyone" as leftovers. Oh yeah, of course I did add whipped cream too! I have included a picture of the piece I had on Turkey Day. I couldn't resist. Who could pass this up? I also took some great pictures of my Mom's table as well as the plates that my Uncle Tom and my husband loaded up on. I couldn't believe the size of them. So I haven't been crafting hardly at all since my Get Made Holiday show. We had a case of strep throat and then I got a cold that turned into a nasty sinus infection. 2 weeks later and I am still fighting it. Today I did bust out with some Christmas tags that I actually started working on last year. What a slacker!!! I also worked on a few little paper covered magnets that are fun. So Christmas is coming but no tree until next weekend. I am so excited.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Bee Movie

So today we took the Peanut to her very first movie. She is five years old. People are appauld that we have never taken her before. Most of the movies that come out today I think are to scary for little ones. She gets scared watching Disney movies so I had to be careful which movies she sees. I really don't want to be up for a week straight fighting the nightmare bug. I've done it before. So the hubby and I didn't tell her where we were going. We took her and her sister over to Dama's and Papa's house and quickly retreated while the little one had Dama occupied with Fisher Price Little People. Peanut couldn't guess where we were going. We got there and she still didn't know. My husband went and bought the tickets and she said, "Mom, I smell popcorn," still no clue. We finally got in and sat down and she smiled and said, "This is a movie." I know most of you are probably thinking, "jeez its just a movie", but to me it was a milestone. One I was so excited to share with my eldest. Think back, do you remember the first movie that you ever saw in a theater? Comment me back and let me know. Anyway, the theater got quiet and then came the preview which started off way to loud and the worst part was it was TOTALLY SCARY! I think it was called Spiderwick or something. Really not good for a five year old who gets scared by the shark in Nemo. Big scary faces and creatures chasing little kids. I am still not sure why they put this at the beginning of a movie you should be able to take a little one to but, whatever. The movie, once it started, was fantastic. My husband joked with me and said that I reminded him of the girl in the movie and the Bee is so cute with his big eyes it's easy to fall in love with him. The Peanut loved the movie and I of course snuck in our own popcorn and drinks. That's what large purses are for. I was wondering if they were on to me when I left and my bag had deflated to a flat pillow shaped thing compared to the massive tote that entered the theater. Ha Ha. I am so rebellious. I tried to get a picture by the movie poster outside but my phone's memory was full, so no picture except for the one I pulled off the net.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Almost Done

So the Get Made Holiday came and went. I stayed up till 1:30 in the morning the night before getting everything in order for the show. Show day comes my oldest daughter's soccer game was at 1:00, and at 2:00 I was rushing to get to the show. My friend Ruth couldn't be there so she sent her sister-in-law Christy to set up and sell her wares. Christy had our table set up when I got there. Cool! The space was extremely tight. We had a long day of rain and the outside booths had to move inside. It was very cozy for everyone. The rain unfortunately kept away customers. Didn't sell one item. At 8:00 I felt that I was getting a cold and decided to call it an evening. My oldest had strep throat the week before so I thought for sure that that's was I was coming down with. Luckily it was just a cold. My little space turned out pretty cool. Here is a couple of pictures. It was great to go out and meet everyone in Craft Mafia who I had not had a chance to get to know. Still quite a few that I need to meet still. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. Fun to meet people whos blogs that you read or websites that you have visited. Overall it was an experience. Even though I didn't sell anything this time around, I am glad that I had more than enough items to set out. Here is a picture of my space and my vintage button rings that I made. I tried to get these in better focus but that's the best that I could do. So now on to the next project finishing my notereading/shorthand class. I just received my final via email and have three pages left on my last lesson which I should be doing now, but I'm not. I opted to blog. Much more fun.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting my Craft On

O.k. so I have one week in counting left till my first craft show ever! I have lots of projects "almost" done. A few that I can say are completely done and a few that I haven't started yet. This week has been crazy with a sick kiddo, Halloween and school events, studying to pass my notereading shorthand class and my crafts that have taken a backseat but need to be the hood ornament. So, I took a picture of my crafting area. Needless to say, it is more of a drop-off point for everything that I have "semi-done." I am kinda embarassed to post the picture but it shows you how the week has been. Hopefully I can pull everything together for the Get Made Holiday show on the 10th. I am sharing a booth with my former boss/ friend Ruth who has a jewelry business with her daughter called Tri - Design. Ruth and her daughter are very talented artists and I am very excited to be sharing a booth with them for the event.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pincushion Mania

I am on a pincushion streak. Yesterday my girlfriend Christy (who I have known since birth) comes over to have a crafty afternoon. Christy and her husband just adopted a baby a few months back and are in the "new parent mode" where you don't get to much done. She came over to work on the baby's Halloween costume and only got one ear done in a two hour period of time due to baby cries, feeding, diapering etc. I am silently relieved to be done with that period of my life. My girls are two and five and mommy can actually get her craft projects somewhat complete now and again. Christy is a trooper and an extremely crafty gal herself. She won't admit it but she can make gorgeous flower arrangements in a very short period of time. I have been trying to convince her to sell her wares for as long as I can remember but she says she would rather keep it as a hobby rather than a business. Anyway, I digress..... I started on pincushions... let's pick back up there. So I have been making pincushions for the last couple of days. They are so much fun. I have been making the traditional flowers and squares. I have even tried out a few triangles. The triangles are a little harder because I am not the best person for measurements. My husband actually calls me "innumerate" meaning can't read a ruler. For the most part that is true. I really don't know how I managed to score a bachelor's degree without being able to read a ruler, but I did. So he is making me some triangles out of metal with a stompshear (don't know if I spelled that correctly).
While Christy was over I managed to cut out and sew 15 pincushions. I still have to stuff them today and sew on the buttons, but overall, they came out really cute. I am on the lookout for a pattern for a starburst pincushion. I have looked all over the net. Think three-dimensional starburst with pointies all over it. Material sea-urchin. Haven't found one yet to create but am still looking and experimenting.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dealing with food Allergies

O.k. so I have two kids with severe food allergies This has been a huge struggle for me as a mom. I know that thousands (probably millions) of people deal with this on a daily basis and let me tell you it can be draining. I already make two different dinners every night to make sure no one has a reaction. One can drink milk but not soy, one can't have eggs the other can't. Tonight my oldest daughter had a reaction to God knows what. She was eating carrots and ranch. Carrots that she got from snack provided by her soccer team. Pre-packaged baby carrots and homemade ranch that she has on a regular basis and pretty soon she is coughing and complaining about her throat hurting and feeling tight. My anxiety raises. We have had numerous trips to the ER with my youngest daughter including two trips by ambulance due to anaphylaxis and the closing up of her throat. I have even had to use the Epi-Pen on the little one. It is scary. This time I gave my oldest, we call her Peanut (how appropriate, because it just happens to be that she is very allergic) two shots of her inhaler and that did not help. I then gave her Benadryl which finally kicked in a few minutes later. Now my anxiety ridden self will get no sleep tonight because I will feel the need to check on her every two minutes and make sure that she is breathing o.k. The littlest one, we call her Scout has extreme allergies to milk, eggs and perfume. I am sure I am like any other Mom who's child is afflicted with something that is potentially deadly. You wish somebody would just come up with a cure already or something that could help your child be safe. They are in the process of making a "safe" shot for people with peanut allergies and it should be available within the next couple of years. That I am very excited about. I myself am extremely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and am an anxious mess going out to restaurants and getting on airplanes. Even to send our little Peanut to school can be quite a bit of anxiety. Last week they made a gingerbread man and were going to decorate it with M&M's. I quickly reminded her teacher that she couldn't have M&M's and she was glad for the reminder. Whew! Avoided that disaster. Anyway, I had to write about it tonight because I will go on for awhile with no anxiety about their allergies and try to stay on the positive side of things and then "boom" an allergy creeps up and it sends me spiraling down into oblivion. I know that through time things will get better. The kids will be old enough to let me know when they need to have an Epi-Pen and when they are o.k. Right now I am relying on my five year old's description of how she feels and my motherly instinct. For those of you who have kids with food allergies there is the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network which is a great resource ( and there is also some really great support in schools due to the rising number of children with food allergies.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I finally finished them

O.k. so maybe the small details are not complete. I just finished my monk's cloth purses. Four that I made and 1 that my friend Ruth made. I don't think that I will attempt these again. The material keeps wanting to snag and sometimes my sewing machine catches and pulls in a thread. But nonetheless, they are done except for a few ribbons to attach. Yeah! My next project to finish is my Halloween coasters. I use a gel-medium transfer process that I learned about a few years back. The results are awesome. The ink actually sinks into the coasters. So the result is a nice flat surface unlike when you decopauge something. I was just looking at yesterday for a price point for these. Nobody had the gel medium process that I could see. They were all decopauged. So, I will have to think about it. I am excited to start these because as much as I love to sew I love my paper projects even more. Ahh the smell of a paper store. It is enough to send me straight to heaven. So, I am drinking my vanilla latte and pondering whether or not I should clean up the house or study. I have a rather large test that I am taking Sunday afternoon for an online school that I have been attending. It is I got involved in this because I have been running a court reporting business for my friend and boss Ruth for the past five years. Scoping is a great business to get involved with. This punctuation test is looming over me so I guess I will go and study. Yuck!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

So Here I Go

So here I go.... My very first blog entry. I have always wanted to do one of these but never attempted it. As my profile states. I am an avid crafter. Never met a craft I didn't like. I have started a small business by the name of Pink Petunia Designs and am currently trying to build it into something profitable. I recently joined a wonderful organization called Sacramento Craft Mafia. They are a great group of women who have extraordinary talents with many different craft mediums. As of currently I have been sewing some vintage style handbags made with a combination of monk's cloth and cotton to begin selling at the next show. My friend Ruth actually used these bags back in the 60's - 70's when she was a teenager. Originally they were made out of burlap, but because of the scratchiness we decided to make the switch to monk's cloth, a much softer version. Ruth drew up the patterns and away we went. I have been sewing a few quilted rag bags that have come out quite cute. I have given away two to friends and kept one for myself. I just made another one out of chocolate brown felt with a baby blue interior. My sewing machine does not like the felt and really struggles with the monk's cloth but, we are finally making headway. I have also been making some cork Christmas trees and some fun tile coasters with Halloween and Christmas images. I will post some pictures when I get them done.