Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a Week

Hi All,

I'm back, but just for a second. I was going to bore all of you with the busy details of the past week in a half but I will save you from reading the book. Here it is in short:

A week ago Saturday:
Hubby went to snow run up at Lake Wildwood with Uncle and Dad. Scout had an earache so we didn't go, but instead went to Peanuts baseball clinic. She was one of two girls out of like two hundred boys. Some tears but she persevered in the end. Go get em girl! Later that day birthday party for someone in Peanuts class.

Grandma was here and went to visit. Guys came home from the run and Aunt came down from Forresthill and we went out to lunch. Yum.

Monday: Work, work, work, study a few chapters for my medical terminology class (boo!)

Tuesday: Work, work, work and took some time to create three different sets of note cards for my etsy shop. So cute..... check them out at http://www.pinkpetuniadesigns.etsy.com/. Hopefully I will post my handbags in the next day or two if my camera cooperates with me.

Wednesday: Work, work, work and then work at the Peanuts school the rest of the day.

Thursday: Work, work, work, meet my best friend Kimbalina for lunch at the Chilis. Got the wrong order twice (how can that happen?) Kim's cracking up right now. Had some kid less, well deserved fun with my old pal and went over some Pink Petunia business because she is creating some fantastic cards for my wares. She kicks butt at graphic design! Left Chilis and headed to Janell's Skin Spa on Marconi. Our good friend Cass owns the place. A local business that I heart. Had the eyebrows sugared and they look fantastic. Less painful than waxing. Kim and I agreed next month its a kid less trek for a mani/pedi! Later that night we had a Daisy meeting and final cookie sale paper work. Selling girl scout cookies is a lot of work. Glad to be done.

Friday: Crazy hair day at school. The Peanut decided we had to have butterfly clippies everywhere. We call it butterfly garden! The best one was a friend of Peanuts that came in with her hair completely ratted everywhere. Sooooo funny. LOL. Work, work, grocery store, Costco, study, study.

Saturday: Got my new photo printer working. Cool beans. And my new Adobe Photoshop Elements (that I bought at Costco with my $30.00 off coupon) somewhat figured out.

Sunday: Head to the inlaws, drive to the snow. Played for 10 minutes because it is so wet and snowing hard. The Peanuts hat came off and Scout was getting a cold, but it was fun. Drove to Alleghany (small mining town) deserted but cool to see. Took some pics. Saw Hell's 1/2 Acre and ended up eating pizza at Pizza Roundup in Loma Rica. Best pizza anywhere! Found out my new niece is coming home from the hospital on Friday! Yay!

Monday: Back to the grindstone. Work, work, work. Attempted to clean up my craft space. Scouts sick wanting me to hold her. Watched SuperBad. So funny but really bad language. Never heard the F-word so much in a movie before. I love McLovin!

Tuesday: Here we are! Work, work, work, laundry, laundry, laundry, sick Scout, Peanuts homework, study, study, study, two chapters to go and one test and I am done with my Medical Terminology class. (Hoorah!)

That was the week/week in a half. I guess it turned out to be a novel after all. I feel really bad with not keeping up with my blogging. It just was to hectic. Hopefully I will do a little bit better this week. Night night!

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