Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WIP's Everywhere

I keep seeing this acronym in so many crafty blogs. No, I'm not blonde, just couldn't figure it out. I am a novice when it comes to this stuff, don't you know. So I googled it. Much to my surprise it means "Work in Progress." I can hear my daughter saying "Duh, Mom, you didn't know that," and my husband saying "I don't think I would tell people about that." Yes, I must be an idiot because I did not think of WIP as "Work In Progress." I just thought it was some secret craft term that only the super crafty know about. I was relieved to know that I have many WIP's and rarely ever have any CW's, that is "Completed Works." Ha, Ha, I'm such a dork. Anyway, here is another term that I just came across in one of my many craft subscriptions - "a multi-surface designer" - what the heck is that? Is that a term coined for those who like to craft on multi-surfaces? The article did not elude to that. It seems like a term that has been changed to be politically correct for whatever reason, like the "stewardess" on an airline being changed to "flight attendant." I think it just means somebody that likes to craft in all sorts of different mediums, but who knows? If anybody has any insight into this, please, let me know.

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Sandra Trotti said...

Where did you go??! I check daily for updates, but you've disappeared! P.S. I LOVED the album! Thank you so much! We showed it to the whole family!!