Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Crafts

I havent' had a chance to do many crafties this year. I am making a few Christmas tree topiarys and some round topiarys for a few family members. I will follow-up with a tutorial in a few days when I get one finished. I did finish all of my shopping and wrapping. YaY!!! A few months back I ordered a cd that had old vintage Christmas cards by the hundreds. Strange you say? Yes, but I have been using to make cute Christmas tags and cards. My Mom had picked me up a few hundred tags at Office Depot in the dollar bin. You know the type with the hole at the top. So I have been inking them up and adding the old vintage Christmas scenes to the front. Last but not least, a twine tie and stamped letters for whoever the gift is going to. Very easy and super cute. Here is a pic for you. The other thing that I have been busy making are coffee cozies. I love having my cardboard cozy when I go to Starbucks to protect from the intense heat of my yummy latte, but always feel bad getting a new one every time I go. So I made up some cute felt cozies to adorn your frothy goodness.

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