Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting my Craft On

O.k. so I have one week in counting left till my first craft show ever! I have lots of projects "almost" done. A few that I can say are completely done and a few that I haven't started yet. This week has been crazy with a sick kiddo, Halloween and school events, studying to pass my notereading shorthand class and my crafts that have taken a backseat but need to be the hood ornament. So, I took a picture of my crafting area. Needless to say, it is more of a drop-off point for everything that I have "semi-done." I am kinda embarassed to post the picture but it shows you how the week has been. Hopefully I can pull everything together for the Get Made Holiday show on the 10th. I am sharing a booth with my former boss/ friend Ruth who has a jewelry business with her daughter called Tri - Design. Ruth and her daughter are very talented artists and I am very excited to be sharing a booth with them for the event.

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