Saturday, December 1, 2007

Method Tub & Tile Cleaner

I read quite a few blogs, mostly crafty ones, some mommy ones and some of just general fun. A lot of the blogs I read have very interesting topics. I love to learn about things that other people are into, so I thought I would try a couple of new things with my blog. It is the first of December and so a perfect day to start with some new stuff. I thought I would include a "products that I love" posting,
"books that I love" both adult and children's posting,
"places that I love" posting,
and "small business shout-outs."
Hopefully I can give everyone a heads up on some cool things to try out and maybe a little bit of free advertisement for these super cool businesses out there. So first things first....the product that I heart this month is Method tub and tile cleaner. This stuff is sooo cool. It not only removes all that yucky soap scum from your bathtub or shower, it also has a super yummy eucalyptus & mint scent. It makes the bathroom smell fantastic. I just found out about the Method line from watching Oprah where they were featuring small business that grew into multi-million dollar companies. The mommy that invented Method had a son that had really horrific asthma. They soon found out that his asthma was being triggered by everyday household cleaning products. She decided to try natural, chemical free ingredients to clean with and Method was the result. The product is non-toxic & biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals. Our little Scout has really horrible asthma brought on by several different culprits and one of them is strong scents so I am always looking out for products that either are scent-free or have light scent that she can tolerate. The scent-free products are really hard to find, but Method makes several scent-free cleaning products including wipes and sprays. How cool is that! The best part is that they are sold at Target, our mainstay as far as shopping goes. The products are priced very low. The picture that I am displaying is a 28 fl oz bottle and it cost me approximately $3.00. You can check out their other awesome products at

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