Monday, November 26, 2007

Here Comes Santa Clause

I almost forgot to blog about the Santa Parade that we went to on Saturday. It was so much fun. My husband saw it advertised in the Bee. Sounds fun and inexpensive so why not check it out. That morning we accidentaly overslept till about 8:30 since we were up the night before with one restless two year old (we won't mention any names, Scout). We had to leave at 9:00 in order to get a decent seat where we could see. So obviously no showers, no baths and a shotty breakfast we finally made it out the door. The parade was cool. So many organizations and businesses that I never knew exisisted. The girls particularly enjoyed all the candy being thrown at them. Little one can't eat it but she loves the fact that all the kids run out in the street to snatch it up. Scout kept walking out a few feet in the street to see what was coming next. I have included several pictures. My favorite thing at the parade was the Shriner's in their go-carts. Those things can really haul. I get a kick out of the guys with their little box hats and pointy shoes. They live for this stuff. I don't have very clear pictures because I'm not very skilled at such things, but you can check it out. Then finally Santa arrived. He even brought Mrs. Santa to the event. Peanut asked if that was another helper or the "real one." I told her of course it was the "real one." He flies down for these things. Then there was questions about the sleigh and why the reindeer weren't pulling the sleigh. I told her they hibernate until Christmas Eve!

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