Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pincushion Mania

I am on a pincushion streak. Yesterday my girlfriend Christy (who I have known since birth) comes over to have a crafty afternoon. Christy and her husband just adopted a baby a few months back and are in the "new parent mode" where you don't get to much done. She came over to work on the baby's Halloween costume and only got one ear done in a two hour period of time due to baby cries, feeding, diapering etc. I am silently relieved to be done with that period of my life. My girls are two and five and mommy can actually get her craft projects somewhat complete now and again. Christy is a trooper and an extremely crafty gal herself. She won't admit it but she can make gorgeous flower arrangements in a very short period of time. I have been trying to convince her to sell her wares for as long as I can remember but she says she would rather keep it as a hobby rather than a business. Anyway, I digress..... I started on pincushions... let's pick back up there. So I have been making pincushions for the last couple of days. They are so much fun. I have been making the traditional flowers and squares. I have even tried out a few triangles. The triangles are a little harder because I am not the best person for measurements. My husband actually calls me "innumerate" meaning can't read a ruler. For the most part that is true. I really don't know how I managed to score a bachelor's degree without being able to read a ruler, but I did. So he is making me some triangles out of metal with a stompshear (don't know if I spelled that correctly).
While Christy was over I managed to cut out and sew 15 pincushions. I still have to stuff them today and sew on the buttons, but overall, they came out really cute. I am on the lookout for a pattern for a starburst pincushion. I have looked all over the net. Think three-dimensional starburst with pointies all over it. Material sea-urchin. Haven't found one yet to create but am still looking and experimenting.

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