Friday, September 21, 2007

I finally finished them

O.k. so maybe the small details are not complete. I just finished my monk's cloth purses. Four that I made and 1 that my friend Ruth made. I don't think that I will attempt these again. The material keeps wanting to snag and sometimes my sewing machine catches and pulls in a thread. But nonetheless, they are done except for a few ribbons to attach. Yeah! My next project to finish is my Halloween coasters. I use a gel-medium transfer process that I learned about a few years back. The results are awesome. The ink actually sinks into the coasters. So the result is a nice flat surface unlike when you decopauge something. I was just looking at yesterday for a price point for these. Nobody had the gel medium process that I could see. They were all decopauged. So, I will have to think about it. I am excited to start these because as much as I love to sew I love my paper projects even more. Ahh the smell of a paper store. It is enough to send me straight to heaven. So, I am drinking my vanilla latte and pondering whether or not I should clean up the house or study. I have a rather large test that I am taking Sunday afternoon for an online school that I have been attending. It is I got involved in this because I have been running a court reporting business for my friend and boss Ruth for the past five years. Scoping is a great business to get involved with. This punctuation test is looming over me so I guess I will go and study. Yuck!

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