Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Gripe

I just have to gripe for a second about something that struck me as odd. My Dad and my Grandma both save coins for our kids to put in their piggy banks. When the piggy banks get overloaded we take the coins out and roll them and deposit them into their bank accounts. So my husband had rolled all of their silver change and had it ready for me to take to the bank but had not rolled the pennies. There was a lot of pennies and the job was quite daunting! So I jumped in the car and headed to the bank to make the deposit. I waited in line and a cute blond girl of about 18 welcomes me and asks what she can do for me. I said, " I would like to make a deposit into my daughters' accounts. "O.k." she said. "But ma'am, ( I loved being called this when I am all of 31) we can't accept coins unless they are rolled. Sorry!" What? I thought. Is she joking? No, she sure was not joking. I looked at her kinda in awe and said, "But you're a bank." She said, "Sorry ma'am." There's that horrid word again. 'O.k. well, I guess my pennies aren't going to be deposited today,' I thought. I guess the thing is, is that they don't have a coin counting machine. Do you believe this? This is a well-known financial institution that has been around since the beginning of time and their banks do not have coin counters? Does this seem a little odd to anyone or is it just me? I know that this sounds ridiculous, but I'm just so in shock by a bank not accepting your money because its not rolled. Interesting.
All in all the girl was nice and of course I know it wasn't her fault, but I just think that if they have the ability to transfer money over the computer, you sure as hell should be able to take your hard earned pennies to the bank and have them accept them. Abraham Lincoln would have been appalled! My mom told me that her business banking is done at another fine financial institution that has also been around forever and they to do not have coin counters either. What the hey guys? What's so bad about coin counters? They are able to put them in grocery stores and then take a percentage of your hard earned cash, but they can't put them in the place that is designed to account for your monies. Again, interesting. Sorry for the gripe, I am just irked by this whole banking negligence!

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Peptogirl said...

haha. it's so true though! i usually take my coins to the coin counter thing at the grocery store - but then it takes a percentage :( Lame!