Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sayonara Sucker!!!

Oh yeah, I want to do the happy dance right now. Why you ask? Because I just said goodbye to diapers until I have grandchildren. Ha Ha. Super Cool! This (pictured above) is the last diaper from the final box of diapers that I purchased a few months ago. The Scout got potty trained over President's week and pretty much was trained over night. She is of course still using diapers at night or pull ups and big girl panties during the day. She has been doing great and no accidents during the day. But this here, is the last diaper ever! Just pull ups at night from now on. In a way, I am kind of saddened by the whole thing as strange as it may sound, to think that the baby part of my life is over. It is a strange feeling to come to that realization that your baby is not a baby anymore. Boo Hoo! Ok. I am over it. But I can tell you, on the other hand, how happy I am that we don't have to buy diapers anymore. Wahoo! Saving some cash and saving the environment, well not quite, we are still using pull ups, but soon, very soon we will be out of those too! So humor me for a bit while a celebrate this strange but relevant day in my life!


Amy said...

Hi- I also enjoy browsing your blog! and yea! I'm so excited.. I never win anything! :) haha If you can email me I'll email you back with my mailing address, thanks!

Nimmer said...

That is soooooo great! I can't imagine (hold on, I'm imagining it and oh is it lovely!) No diapers! That is wonderful news! Good job Scout! Looking forward to the kids coming over for me to take their pics. Let's arrange for a time. We could do birthday pics for the girls for you to have.