Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tudors is Smokin

Wow! Two postings in a row regarding T.V. shows. I really don't watch that much T.V., just an hour or two at night after the Scout goes night night. I love On Demand. I watch old movies on Turner Classic Movies and all the freebie movies because hey, they're free! I just saw a preview on On Demand for The Tudors under Top Picks. I tried at first to open up the one in HD, but I guess you need some sort of special box, and we don't have it. But then I found it a little further down on the list and started watching Episode 1. It is sooooooooo good. Its a little love story(o.k. big love stories, yes stories) lots of history, drama, violence. Just a little bit of everything wrapped in a blanket for you. Not to mention super hot actors - always a plus in my book. So far I am on Episode 4 and I wish that I could stay up later tonight, because I am dying to see Episode 5. So check it out if you get a chance. Its On Demand till March 5th. I guess the new season will be starting on Showtime soon. Wish I had it, but I will have to wait till the next season is On Demand again.

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Stacey said...

There are some sexy sexy men in that show and some sexy sexy sex scenes in that show. I just cancelled Showtime and I'm bummed cause Season 2 is right around the corner. The Duke of Suffolk I would like to Suffolk.....ha ha!