Friday, February 22, 2008

Deb & Kim's Adventure #2

My friend Kim and I decided to start a tradition last month. We got together for a kid-free outing to Chilis for lunch and then to get our eyebrows waxed from our buddy Cass. Kim and I don't get out much, so an eyebrow waxing is like a day at Disneyland. We had a blast with each other and thought we would do it again this month. I have known Kim forever and a day. We actually knew each other while still in the womb, as our mom's worked together at Sac States library. We have had many adventures together. We had a great memory that we talked about the other night, this is of course prior to being married and having little ones..... I remember partying it up with Kim at Fanny Ann's in Old Sac and I fell down the stairs (I'm super klutzy for those who don't know me) and Kim had some guy drinking a beer out of her shoe, and then we got into a pushing and shoving match with some girls on the dance floor. Thank God my kids are not quite old enough to read my blog yet. Good times. So anyway, back to our now less aggressive mommy adventures that involve an afternoon without kids. We decided to make it a once a month tradition. We don't get to see each other very often, so we both really look forward to getting together. This time we decided to catch some lunch at Felipes. Its kinda in the ghetto, but those are always the places that have the best food! We of course order bean and cheese burritos because that's what we love and then from there headed off to get our pedicures. Kim and I both talked about how long it had been since we have actually had a pedicure, and lets just say it has been a while. She was worried about her big toe that had a dollop of old polish left on it and I was worried about my unshaven legs, but we braved it anyway. The experience was.....hmmm...interesting I guess you would say. The woman that Kim had was determined to up sell Kim on getting the $44 pedicure as well as her toenails painted a "beuful red colo" and she was insistent. If you know Kim, Kim is extremely diplomatic and said, "Uh, no, I don't think I want that red, I would really like this red." The lady said, "No, no, you like beful red colo." Kim maintained her composure much better than I would and ended up taking the "beful red colo." It was really beautiful on her. The guy that I had was massaging my feet so hard that I thought that my toes were going to come off and the massage chair that I was sitting in had these magical fingers that were jabbing into my spine as well as other places that they should not have been jabbing. The polish never really dried and I smudged mine on the way out and to top it all off you couldn't use card slide and no checks, only cash...Hmmmm quite suspicious. Maybe the IRS should check them out. They of course conveniently put an ATM machine right next to the register, that charged you $1.50 for every transaction plus $2.00 that my bank charged me. So all in all the pedicure that now looks crappy was $27.00 + $3.00 tip for killing my feet. I seriously thought my feet were going to fall off last night they hurt so bad + $1.50 for the transaction fee + $2.00 from my bank charge all for a suckie pedicure. Kim and I had to balance out our lousy pedicure by getting a Starbucks next door at Barnes & Noble and when I placed my order Kim was laughing hysterically. Here is my order. I want a Venti Decaf Nonfat 6 Pump Vanilla Latte at 130 degrees please. Yes, I am one of those pain in the but people at Starbucks. So all in all are date was fun minus the adventures at the nail place and we can't wait to get together again next month. We decided we would visit The Green Tangerine an evening of scrapbooking. I can't wait. Here is a little treat from U-tube per Kim's suggestion of our nail salon adventure.

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