Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dog and Bikinis

I have been promising my Dad that I was going to blog about him for the last week, so Dad, I am finally getting to it. My Dad just came back from a trip to Hawaii with his best friend Hap and Hap's son Matt. Why not my Mom you ask? You would have had to liquor her up really well to get her anywhere near the airport. It just wasn't happening. So my Dad made the trip bachelor style. They went to the Pro-Bowl and Pearl Harbor and the Missouri and took a ride in a catamaran(sorry if that's spelled wrong) all while sipping mai tais and checking out girls that were too young for them in bikinis. They had a blast. I made my Dad promise me that he would go to the office of Dog the Bounty Hunter because it is one of my favorite shows to watch and they are located on the island that they visited. Hap has been to Hawaii several times and knows the neighborhood pretty well. He followed through on his promise and got me a picture or two of Dog the Bounty Hunters office. Its so cool. I know what you are thinking? Isn't that the guy with the mullet. Yes, its him and I LOVE that show. So here is a pic of my Dad standing right in front of his office. I was really hoping that he would run into the Dog going out on a mission to catch a fugitive, but alas, there was nobody in the office. He said they ran into a couple that had knocked on the door and a guy let them in for a tour. How cool would that have been? You should have asked Dad!!!!! Well I guess that will be as close to becoming a bounty hunter as I will get. My Dad also brought us home some really cool gifts. He brought the girls two Hawaiian dolls named Niki and Loni and me an awesome shell necklace and the best gift of all a Hawaii Starbucks card that you can only get in Hawaii. He even loaded it. Thanks Dad. And of course the best gift of all according to my husband, is the Hawaiian bikini girl calendar he brought back for him. Boys! I don't know if I will be thanking him for that one, but my husband certainly is. Ha Ha.

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