Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Folk Art - A love of mine!

O.k. , so I procrastinated. I didn't get my paintings on etsy or on my blog last night. So tonight I am taking tons of pictures (because we know what a whiz I am with a camera; see previous posts) just to get a good shot. I experimented with lighting, flash, no flash, guides for the close-up. You can see the color difference in the two pictures. Crazy, huh, or just my bad photography. I am just not good at this stuff. So I finally get a couple of semi-decent shots and I go to load them on etsy and I continually get an error message of "ERROR SAVED IMAGE." What the heck does that mean? I tried to troubleshoot it, and after a half an hour of messing with it and consulting a "not so helpful" help menu. I gave up--but just for tonight. I will try listing them again tomorrow. Did I say that I even resized them but, no go. So here are my two folk art paintings. I love painting. I have been painting since I was a kid and many of you might think, "They look like they were done by a kid," but that is my love of folk art. I have never been into the modern or the realistic. I love folk art because it really shows each artists individuality and fun in their paintings. Folk art is always so whimsical and unpredictable. At least, that is my take on it. I have been a collector of folk art for quite some time now and have an ever expanding collection of items hanging on my walls. My all time favorite is actually hanging in my bathroom. I know, a weird place, but it fits in there. It is actually a piece that was made with old pieces of barn wood collaged together to make a great American flag. It was super expensive, but I just had to have it and bought it for myself pre-kids, pre-husband. I will always treasure it! These two pieces that I painted were of two things that I can't live without. The first one is crows, yep, crows, they are my favorite. I just love those big happy birds. They have such unique personalities and I always get a little smile when I see one on a walk in our front yard. This crow in my painting is quite the Diva. She has a silver princess crown and holds a bag in her beak from the jewelry store Tiffany's. My second painting is entitled Mamas Cookin, and it speaks for itself. Big Mama is stirring up her biscuit dough in a green bowl while wearing her favorite red and orange polka-dot dress and white utilitarian apron. How chic! This painting was inspired by all the women in my family who have a love of food and cooking for their families. If you know my family, you would know that most every gathering revolves around the meals and snacks.

So here is a couple of pics to keep you busy till I get them up in my etsy shop.

On another note, I received my final for my Medical Terminology class and it is rather easy and short, a nice change from the other two finals that I had to take in the last three months. I will let you know what my grade is soon. Hopefully good. I plan on starting my scoping business as soon as I possibly can. My friend Ruth has a few juicy cases she is working on and we talked about me scoping them. Yay!

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The paintings are great. They look so simple and elegant. You are not a bad photographer. For Folk Art collectibles I suggest you try this link.