Monday, May 19, 2008

Petunia's Peeps

For a while now I have been calling my little "people" paintings by the title, "Little Folk Art Primitives." I decided that it sounded boring and needed to be kicked up a notch, so I settled on a new name for these little folky divas. I am now going to refer to them as "Petunia's Peeps!" I love it when people use the term "peeps!" So here are a few of the recent creations that went out to the pay-it-forward winners. I still am working on two more and almost have them complete. They are so much fun to paint and I really tried to capture the winners interests in my paintings.

Here are a few of Petunia's Peeps that are proudly displayed somewhere in America!


pillworm said...

Oooooo those are cute! I wonder if one will be hanging in my house...hmmmmmmm.

You still have to pick something out of Bouton Blue missy!

Melissa H said...

just today i was teased for using the word "peeps" glad I'm not the only one who likes it :)

MaMa said...

I'm the lucky winner of the middle peep & I love it! I have it displayed in my powder room now so everyone can see it! Thanks for sending it!