Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank You Haworth Handmade

I have been a little behind in my blog reading due to Easter break and the bunny and eggs and all, and finally got a few moments to catch up on the blogosphere. I was a few weeks past due so you can imagine my surprise when I opened one of my favorite blogs to read called

Under Construction and found out that I was one of the winners of her Pay-It-Forward Contest. It is written by the ever-so-talented seamstress and woodworking extraordinaire, Melissa Haworth. Also a Craft Mafia sister of mine. I was so behind in my reading that she had posted it before Easter and I had not yet seen it. So I am so excited to get a little package in the mail from her. I love reading Melissa's blog because: 1) I can totally relate to her when she tells of her toddler tales with Biscuit 2) She sells such cool stuff and is a totally talented woodworker, seamstress and crafter (as mentioned above.) 3) Her tutorials rock! - She has done two just recently on using a rotary cutter properly (which I haven't been) and one on how to make a log cabin quilt square. Both were super informative for those of us who have never made a quilt but long to be a fabulous quilter. So thanks Melissa.

So the Pay-It-Forward contest is now going to be paid forward. Please leave a comment on this post about how you would pay it forward if you were given $1,000.00, and I will draw three commenter's names out of hat on April 6 for a special surprise from Pink Petunia Designs. The only request is that you pay-it-forward to three more individuals. It can be big or small. Whatever you can do. So comment away!


Melissa Haworth said...

You're too kind ;) I know I'm not eligible but if I had $1000 I'd probably put it in savings (I'm boring like that). If I had to spend it on toys I'd buy a serger and probably some clothes.

Stacey said...

If I had $1000 and had to pay it forward then I would take my sister and her foster kids on a nice trip, as nice as the $1000 would get us!

Amy said...

if I had $1000 there are so many people I would want to help... I'd probably choose to enlist the help of others and put together a dinner for the abused women and children's shelter out here- I've been wanting to do something for so long to help them out, they deserve a nice night to enjoy themselves and share their stories. And of course we would go shopping for them- new clothes, new toys, and the necessities they never have enough of. I would want them to feel loved and special and know that they have other people out there they can lean on and count on to hold them up.

Tracey said...

Being a children's librarian on a limited budget, I would probably spend it on upcoming our summer reading kickoff party (entertainment, raffle prizes, ice cream). I would also want to give some to the neighborhood park that they're hoping to finish building by the end of this summer.

MaMa said...

Paying it forward...if I was given $1,000 to give to anyone, I would go to the nearest food kitchen and give half to them for expenses. Then I would go to a privately owned animal shelter that rescues cats and/or dogs and give the other half to them for food, shots, medicines, etc..Giving is really where it's at, and I've seen a lot of generosity in this world.