Friday, March 28, 2008

What I Did On My Spring Break

So I never told you what I did over Spring Break. The Peanut was off of school of course and the Trotti Family from Texas came to stay with us for the week. There was six Trotti's that came for a visit. Grandma Trotti, Aunt Trotti, Uncle Trotti and three kiddo Trottis. The week started out with a bang. We traveled to Yuba City to visit our new niece. She is already growing like a weed. We ate lots of Girl Scout Cookies and some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade french bread. We headed to the park where the menfolk played a little ball and the womenfolk attempted to put a kite in the air. It didn't really work, but it was fun trying. We ended the day with some yummy cupcakes. Thanks Brother-in-law and sister-in-law!

The next day we took a trip to Scandia. It has been a while since I have been there and it is so much fun. The guys and Aunt Trotti all went on the throw-up machine. I don't know what the name of this ride is, but that's what I call it. Remember the hammer at the carnival. Think of that but 100% bigger. Yeah, instant tummy twirler. They had a sign posted that there was no screaming allowed. WTH! O.k. no screaming, but there were a lot of funny looks as people got off this thing. The Trotti's did great. This Trotti doesn't do those types of rides. It's not that I am scared of the heights, but knowing me, I would get a splitting migraine and throw up everywhere. Just speaking from experience! That's a picture of the hubby riding solo. Poor guy! We got bracelets which allowed us to do everything there. The guys and the kids were all over the bumper boats. The bumper boats had mega squirt guns which were used, uhum, sparingly! They were soaked. Next we jumped on the go-carts where we really reeked havoc. So much fun. The manager was eyeballing us the whole time. He emphasized not running into each other and was directly looking at my hubby when he said this! So there may have been a few nudges and a few spin-outs, but it was too much fun! We next headed to the miniature golf where Grandma managed to hit a ball out onto I-80 that then proceeded to hit a car. Whoops! The Scout, who stands a giant 30 inches tall loved the golf. Her sister, who had been begging us to take her miniature golfing, lasted about 10 minutes with it and got bored. The Scout loved it. She is a lefty so it was a little difficult trying to hold the club. She decided at a certain point to just kick it down the green. It worked. When we got to the windmill she walked up and threw her ball in the hole. That works too! It was a crack-up. She would have been there all day if we let her. Here is a couple of the pics. We also did the arcade which was fairly uneventful but the kids enjoyed getting their millions of tickets for their 10 cent junk prizes.

The next day was a cool day. The guys took off and went jeeping with our old goliath of a wagoneer. The girls called it a quiet day and headed to the movies to see "Horton Hears A Who" so cute. We then went to lunch at Chilis. A nice time without the rough and tumble boys. After the guys came back from jeeping, they took off to RPM Motorsports where you can race go-carts. My husband loves this. You have to take a training class first and then you get suited up and race. Even Aunt Trotti joined them at the end of the night. Here they are in all their racing glory! Of course their night ended with hot wings at Hooters, minus Aunt Trotti. Good call, sister.

The next day we were off to Soda Springs Resort for a day in the snow! So much fun! We did a little tubing, and the guys decided to do a little snowboarding. It was so cool because the Texas Trotti kids had never been to the snow before. They loved it and the boys especially loved the snowboarding. Here is a pic of my cute husband coming in for a landing.

The next day they were on their way back to Texas. We always have a great time when we have a visit with them, and for us its always like a vacation too. I think that I am going to marry Aunt Trotti because she does the laundry when she comes and cleans up my house! LOL, and Uncle Trotti, aside from sending my husband vulgar text messages, is great too! He spent the whole afternoon at the snowpark taking the Peanut and her cousin SassyPants tubing when I gave up and went for the lodge.

So that's are Spring Break in the condensed short version. We are headed out to Arkansas next year for a week's worth of houseboating with them. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Well that was a pretty good summary! Thanks again for having us! The kids are still talking about it...All their friends were sooo jealous:) Still trying to catch up on work :( Aunt Trotti

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I didn't know that scout was a lefty like me! WOW, thats kinda cool. We all had a blast that week too, sorry we couldn't do more with everyone. Next time the baby will be bigger and we can do more!! (sister-in-law)