Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Wish The Flu Bug Would Fly It's Way Outta Here!

Sorry for the delay in posting. We had an excellent adventure deep in the wilderness this last weekend with the Napa B.E.T.S snow run. This is where everyone including us, takes our jeeps out and 4-wheels through the snow. It was fun but cold and I was an idiot and forgot my jacket of all things. My Dad who is always teased about overpacking came through for me with two sweatshirts. Dad, you are the coolest! The Scout and the Peanut did not get much sleep the night before and were a little worn out. I was pretty sure that the Scout may have been coming down with something and I was right. Never underestimate mother's intuition. She has the flu! She could not get a flu shot due to her horrendous egg allergy and the poor thing has it full blown. I took her to the doctor's yesterday and they said that if she is not better by tomorrow that she will have to come back. Tonight she has perked up quite a bit so that is great, but I am starting to feel a little on the sluggish side. Uh - oh? I am going to hope and pray that I am not getting it, but after being up for the last three days and cleaning up constant puke, it may be inevitable. (Sorry for the visual folks!) So hopefully, I shall return next week with some new crafty posts. If you don't hear from me, you know what happened.

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