Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can't Wait For My Anthopologie Order

So a few months back, my bff Kim and I decided to make a trek out to the new shopping center called "The Fountains." It is the high-end shopping center with all of the stores that I couldn't afford to buy a piece of gum in, let alone a skirt. We had the kids with us and just started checking out all of the different stores in the center. We came across the store Anthropologie. Can you say HEAVEN?!!!! I have seen so many cool things from Anthropologie over the years and I had been dying to see the store. Let's just say, it's better than I anticipated it would be. The displays are awesome, the clothes are the best, but the prices suck! A pair of socks was about the only thing that I could afford in the store. I mean their sweaters are great, but I am certainly not paying $158.00 for one! So we meandered the store trying to look like we belonged in their, all the while trying to pacify the Scout who had already reached her shopping limit for the day and really did not want to go into one more store.

I had eyed this fantastic belt that was in the window display when we walked in and quickly went hunting for it. I assumed it was going to be like 1 bazillion dollars or something, but it turned out to be $48.00. They only had one though, and it wasn't in my size and the price was still a little too rich for my blood.

That belt has been on my brain everyday since I saw it calling to me in the store window. So you know what my beautiful friend Kim did? She bought me a gift card to Anthropologie for Christmas! Whoopee! So today I cashed in my card and bought myself the belt online. It will arrive in 5 - 7 days. He He. I really wanted to post a pic of my belt, but security conscious Anthropologie won't allow my computer to copy the pic, and didn't like it when I tried to make it into a link either. So here is the long link version.


Melissa H said...

now that's a good friend!

Stacey Ball said...

Cute belt! I limit myself to accessories and home goods from there, cause every piece of clothing I have purchased has completely fallen apart. Cute stuff, but kind of made like shit.