Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workout Inspiration

My husband is in awesome shape. He bikes to work, which is a round-trip of 60 something miles a few times a week, he is the PT leader in the Reserves, he goes to the gym every night, and he signed up to do Tough Mudder, which if you haven't had a chance to check out, you really need to. Think Marine obstacle course on steroids. His wife, me, can't run a mile to save her life. Well, I can, but I'm really slow. Super slow!!! Being 5'2, my strides seem to be that of a mouse or a 6 year old kid. Last year I tried doing couch to 5k and I did make it to week 3 and then quit when I got a bad cold. I know, I suck. I need to get moving again. I have been walking the kids to school in the morning and then home and then back up again for lunch and home and then to pick them up. Yesterday I did three miles of walking but I really want to start running. My goal is to be able to run a 5k by Christmas. My husband runs 5 miles a few days a week like it's no big thing. I want to be able to just run three!! So I'm going to start my couch to 5K on Monday again, and I will let everyone know how I'm doing. If I stay accountable to you guys, maybe I will acutually accomplish it. I love this great sign that I found on Pinterest. Good inspiration for running. I love the words! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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