Monday, July 13, 2009

My Favorite Things

I don't get very much time anymore to do any blog reading. I used to have just five or six craft blogs and a few mommy blogs that I would read, but my problem is, that I have so many great blogs in my favorites area, that I get overwhelmed and really don't get to many of them. So I pick out a few of my favorites once a week and try to catch up. These ladies are everyday bloggers unlike myself, and really keep them running like a fine tuned machine. So here are a few that I found inspiring today. I always love the full color pictures. I am visual you see, so these make me happy....................................

First off is Bitter Betty's Blog. She has a great rick rack tutorial for her cafe curtains. I am done with blinds. It's all about the cute cafe curtains. So easy to make, you can change them up as often as you like. Look at her beautiful kitchen. Nice. And then, there is this beautiful jacket that she made. Love it. Wished I owned it. IKEA fabric. Next, we have Posie Gets Cozy. This picture here is off an old post, but I love the color and design of the scrapbooking paper that has been framed.

Thirdly, I love reading Naughty Secretary Club. Jennifer Perkin's mom made this fabulous little piece of kitsch for her yard. This definitely made me want to learn to mosaic. One craft I really really want to try. So that was my inspiration for today. I have been busy filling a few
orders for people before I head out on vacation. Hope to be in full blogging order when I get back.

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