Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Been A While

I'm back. It's been a few weeks. We are still fighting illness. Scout is much better, I came through my bug, but now the Peanut has a virus with croup. Tis the season for illness. So, I have been busy with sick kids, and distributing Girl Scout Cookies. I have already polished off a box of Thin Mints. They are my favorite.

I did make some time for crafts last week. I made about eight little tissue holders for Valentines Day. The first one I made was Betty Boop on a Harley for my good friend Michele. She and her husband Johnny love their motorcycle and are totally into their customized bikes. Check out their blog to see Johnny's creations. The tissue holder came out really cute!

I bought a yard of Valentines Day fabric to use for various projects and thought that these tissue holders were the thing to make. The girls loved them! I don't give the girls candy on Valentines Day. I know, what a boring Mom. This year, they got tissue holders and Valentines Day books. They thought they were cool! If you would like this super simple pattern for these tissue holders, check out one of my favorite blogs : Skip To My Lou

I also busted out several batches of Valentines brownies for different friends! I used Martha Stewarts idea about cutting them out with heart cookie cutters and also used another tip that she had on her show to get the brownies out of the pan without greasing it. I used parchment paper to line my pan, and lifted them right out. Go Martha! You are the best!!! It worked great. Most of you probably already know that trick, but I am just a little behind the times.

The Peanut wanted to make goody bags for her class party. I usually try to be really crafty and creative, but this year, it was all about the dollar store. I spent way less money and I think they turned out really cute.

So that was the week that I didn't blog about. Next project.......salt dough ornaments!


Shannon said...

Debie, I can't get to skip to my lou. What's the link? Hey how do you reference something so people can click on it & then go there? I haven't figured it out & you do it all the time...any tips? I love your new background. I need something more springy even though it's still winter.

Sacred Yoli said...

Hey Chica,

Hope you and the family are on your way to a speedy recovery. Heart shaped brownies. Yum!
Great blog, by the way!


Shannon said...

Hey Deb, I love your crafty stuff. This looks like a cute craft. Have you ever heard of placemat bags? On one of the blogs I follow "Mommy diaries" they have one on there. I'm going to try it out & I think you would love it too!! Anyway, I tagged you. It's easy, go check out my blog to see what you do.